Dirty Words

“These ladies from the 70s are still so hot!”

This is meant to be a compliment but it really isn’t. All it says is that a person is still “fuckable” which means that men still want to put a baby in them at age 70. Ewh! Well, not me! Jane Fonda, maybe.

Is “hot” the only criteria for approval in Modernia? It is. After all our whining and writing and picketing, why is it still better for women to remain smooth and svelte; unsullied by the years?

“You are not old!”

I am old and yet when I say it aloud someone nearby ALWAYS says, “Oh, no you’re not. You are young at heart. You are just getting started. You are only as old as you think.” …Or as old as I feel? If that’s the case, then I am as old as the hills because I have been feeling terrrible for the past ten years.

For one thing, this is patronizing coming from a younger person who really does have the rest of her life in front of her and actually is young. It is attempted robbery of my duly earned station. I came by my years honestly. Taking me down twenty notches on the wisdom ladder pisses me off. I intend to become more and more intolerable as the the years pass.

As if “old” were a bad thing. We are not supposed to say the word old; why? Old is a bad thing. We hate old, but don’t say that out loud. Will never admit it. The old are frightening because they remind us of our mortality. The old have shriveled skin, cloudy eyes, dry pussies and limp dicks; yuck! Now adays my pussy is quite damp, thank you; from dribbling in my granny panties. As a child, the elderly scared the shit out of me, now I understand.

We did not, for the most part, live with old people, like the previous generations. We saw them doddering about in public. The occasional friend had “granny” living in the room off the kitchen, and what a novelty that was. We visited the old folks once a year. Their house smelled weird and we had nothing in common. And, they looked terrible; like tissue paper people. Children did not want to ever look like them.

The only way to keep “Big Nurse” from the door at the “home” is to stay incredibly beautiful like Jane Fonda and Raquel Welch to name a couple of other “elderbabes.” Sophia Loren; That black elderbabe singer with the great legs who is now a macrobiotic- the name escapes me but will show up on my brains after this is published; Diana Ross.

Quite a task for someone who spent a life being naturally beautiful and wishing it were over I could get on with the business of being real.

Fat is Another Dirty Word 

ME: “I’m sixty seven years old.”
THEM: “You don’t look that old.
ME: “I have never looked my age. Baby face. And now that I am fat, the wrinkles stretch the skin.”
THEM: “You aren’t fat.” (This means, “I love you even though you are gross.”)
ME: “Are you protecting me from a word? Do you suppose that you are a wandering therapist, just waiting for a confused soul to pass by you, saying words that you must correct in situ? Well do you? Do I need correction for being mean to myself? I must be nicer to me? My body has fifty pounds of excess weight, (like carrying 7 gallons of water with me wherever I go!) but don’t say that out loud. Do not use that word; the “f” word.

We used to say “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Over the years I have realized that intent is what breaks bones. Speak in low tones with a foreign language and say, “I hate you to your core,” and no one’s the wiser. They will thank you; love you, even. Kids in the playground slung those arrows with piercing determination. They were trained by their parents, who were trained by theirs in the art of acting out hate with malicious intent. Or they saw it on TV! Which makes me wonder if it would be a good idea to let the state raise the kids with loving nannies, instead of neurotic, duopolist, consumer couples with rusty axes to grind. Don’t panic! It is sarcasm, an idea; humorous in this context. Jeese Louise!

There are many dirty words but we can all agree that these are some of the worst. And we can say them out loud in public without censure.

petty boss
not listening

It seems as though body functions are thought to be dirty, except for the god one. Polite people in polite society don’t talk about real body stuff; like fuck (supposed to be joyful) shit (feels good when it’s out) piss (so good when I am on time) etc… Polite people like to pretend that they don’t have a body.

One last thing:

Who taught us that?

Teach Your Children Well

Do you know why we are angry with our parents? I do.

Young children will do what parents do. We learned how to be people from watching, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing them. We learned every nuance of parental movements. We knew the smell of liquor and butter. We loved them in spite of stinking of terrible odors, like armpit sweat, vile cigarette smoke, and chemical perfume that made our throats clench. We loved them as they reacted with anger. We loved them as they gave sugar treats that made our heads spin, like liquor did to them. We loved them as they told us to go away, they were busy, frequently.

We loved our solitude because they gave it to us.

We loved them while we waited on the curb for an hour for the car to swerve onto the access road for us. We were confident that drunk driving with them was safe and normal. We learned to never say the word “love,” because it was corny. We were nine.

We learned to avoid the topic of sex because it was taboo to speak of but okay to do, as we heard in the next room, with various versions of howling, fighting and moaning. It reminded us of cats; and we loved cats.

We wanted them to be sober, so we could be. We hoped they would feel better, so we could. We wanted to connect with them, to heal us. We needed to feel wanted, so we would heal.

When our bodies began to blossom, we spent hours in front of the mirror, copying Marilyn Monroe pictures. We were excruciatingly beautiful, but no one was allowed to see us, alone with with our doppelganger image. We knew that it was wrong to love ourselves like this. We knew we would be in trouble if this self love got out to the general public. It would feel something like shame.

We had to ask,

“Where did we learn that?”

We cannot teach what we do not know.

Take Responsibility but not the Blame

Mea Culpa/My Bad

Why do we lie? We are afraid of getting “busted.” If we admit to wrong-doing, then we will be punished or humiliated. No one wants to be punished, but worse than that, no one wants to be humiliated, so everyone lies. We make excuses. We ask around to see if the excuse is “holding” or if we must weave more web. Lying is complicated.

Have you noticed how people react these days? Share an idea and a person will react like vinegar on baking soda. We have learned, as a culture, to react at the slightest thing. No offense given, no offense taken. Remember that? That was our cultural agreement when I was young. It’s high time we stop using words for a month. We need a “National Month Of Silence.” Then we would experience each other instead of analyze everything to death. We spend way too much time “figuring” things out and not enough time being wordless; in Nature; in our lives.

Here in Merka, we have too much punishment. That is why no one wants to take responsibility. If you lift up your head too high, someone might cut it off. In spite of that, we love rehab. So what’s the deal? It will take time, but soon we will lose the generation of self-involved fake Kings and Queens and then the value of selfishness may fade into the background. We can hope.

In the the meantime, I am not sure where the saying, “My Bad,” came from, but I am glad that it has arrived. People can say those words and have a sincere apology to go along with them. They can say those words to save “face” without humiliation. “My Bad” is the best remedy to the culture of lies.

“My Bad” takes the responsibility without taking the blame. Good work, Millennials!



A Crisis of Values

What do we value as a culture? Pluto will tell you that. She creates crisis and then lets you sort it out according to your values. From November 26, 2008 through 2023 she has been transiting the part of the cycle called Capricorn and that has brought consumer culture to the world. We Americans like to believe that the world copies our “Cowboy Culture” as frequently as possible. We gleefully cite incidents where our Solitary Hero has overpowered their “commie” collective awareness.

We are in a crisis of value. Do we love new shopping malls more than empty lots filled with birds and grass? I look at video from Europe with awe. They live every day of their lives in centuries old buildings. They walk steep winding streets of brick and cobblestone. They value history, and they know where their ancestors are buried. They value time, so they are not in a hurry. They value friendship, so they listen to what is said.

The long cycles have more power over us all than the day to day routines of any given government. Capricorn represents caution, preservation and business. It is literally the sign of development. The “climb to the top” is perilous. Is a feminine energy, represented as the Crone and a mountain goat.

Pluto obsesses and Capricorn climbs; Pluto in Capricorn is obsessed with climbing. Climb to the top of those rocks, where the tufts of micro-algae are more nutritious. Climb that vertical wall, because we can!

Corporation means “the body.” A business becomes a body when it is incorporated. The “empty suit” that walks and talks is a Golem. It is crazy to let a monster declare values to living beings. Golems don’t require air and water to live. See how this works? Golems have been setting down the rules for society for quite some time. Get it a birth certificate and then it can do anything it wants including murder, because although it is a legal “person,” it is not legally responsible for the murders it commits. Doesn’t that sound like “double-speak?”

With Pluto transiting Capricorn, we are obsessed with the Golem. We have mistaken business for wisdom. In the name of business, a Golem is now our leader. Business is the savior so our new President must be Jesus. Business knows best, and best of all, the bottom line is what we value the most. Obviously all of these ideas and practices did not just happen nine years ago, but what does happen with Pluto, is focus. Now we are focused on the things we value most and we are distressed to learn that status is our main obsession. How embarrassing! How shallow!

The new Golem administration is planning to slash and burn delicate ecosystems because they can. They plan to use their “bottom line” consciousness as a barometer for short term profit for those who already have profited. If we valued our Earth realistically, development on pristine lands would be a crime equal to murder. When will the Powers That Be accept the value of trees that bring air to breathe? Hopefully it will not be too late.

Now that the Trump Golem is signing “fuck-you documents,” the Golem groups are gnashing their teeth to get in line for the last hurrah of Natural Resources. The way I see it: we must go stand in marshes and the forests; dodge bullets from helicopters in wolf country and picket the white house every day for four years. We must relentlessly protect our natural world. We must value She, who gives us life.

All that will remain to ask will be: Who will cut the last tree?

Response to Trump was Right Once

“I am shocked and appalled that you would defend Trump under any circumstances.”

An old friend sent this response by email after reading my article about him getting it right when he said America has had killers to. (paraphrase) I just reread the article to be sure that my intentions were clear in the writing, and they are.

O’Reilly: “He’s a killer, though…Putin’s a killer.”

Trump: “We got a lot of killers. What, you think our country’s so innocent?”

I honestly don’t understand how agreeing with the Trump statement puts me on the “Trump defense team.” All i said about it was that he is right, and he is, and that the liberals are going just as wacky as the conservatives. When people were saying that the left was getting more strident last year, I couldn’t see it. But with the new Potus I can see quite clearly the left spinning out of control.

And to my friend; I am shocked and appalled that you are so reactionary that you cannot see that agreement with a truthful statement does not constitute defense of Trump. He said a true thing, in spite of himself.

Here is Proof of USA Guilt

Obama launched hundreds of drone attacks against Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere that killed thousands of people. Studies showed that 49 out of 50 people killed were innocent bystanders, and that the other 1 were local guerilla fighters who hated their own local governments, not anti-American jihadis coming to kill us here. Yet story after story about drone assassinations referred to victims as “militants” or even “terrorists,” without a shred of evidence. If you’re going to let your president kill people just for fun, the least the media as a watchdog could do is call it what it is: “President Murders 14 More Muslims Cuz Fun.” Did you know the military calls them “squirters” — because their heads, you know…?
-Before Trump, the Media Loved “Alternative Facts” by TED RALL

Libya – More Proof

Writing about a thing does not make one complicit in the thing. I know liberals who have wailed at the illicit activities of our government over the years, one of the most egregious being Libya, a garden state of socialist idealism in perfect harmony with reality. Oil paid back the citizens all they needed. Free schooling, free water and electric, free bank loans! Payments for new mothers, no hijabs for women, equality for all. For 40 years Qaddafi made this haven of progressivism happen for all his people. It only took a few months to kill the leader and let in the barbarians. It breaks my heart. Don’t say “He was a dictator, as if it was a bad thing, because it was not. Does anyone know why we killed Qaddafi? Anyone. Here’s why: He was amassing gold bars and ready to start the Bank of Africa, which would have killed our specious ‘system’ of invisible money. He was going to make Africa, the United States of Africa. He was a true populist. So Barak and Hillary murdered him. They were most likely “just following orders.” 

God is on our side, or so I have heard.


The Humun Weed

I am certain that the Goddess wants me to focus on Archetypal stories. She has told me that my strength is vision and my weakness is argument. It seems that these days politics is all about the argument. Everyone is shouting. So called “winning” is most important.

One last thing: I used to be a liberal leftist. But now with so many shrieking so-called lefties, I must eschew all labels and become a simple humun oracle. This is not a great position in life, as people have historically not appreciated their oracles. They push grapefruit into their faces, they ignore us and on occasion they kill us. Oh well.

I took one look at Obama’s chart and knew exactly how he would behave. At the time I said “Mark my words, he will leave office with lots of money and more later on.” His chart said that he was an opportunist. My friends unfriended me for that piece of insight.

This gift comes with baggage. If people could accept the current situation, seeing the obvious answers around them, they would not need oracles. But there is so much bullshit piled into our minds that we can’t see the forest because only one tree remains.

After killing, we want to revive, like our Christian Dude.

Christians believe Resurrection will repair the damage they do. The One Dude will fix our hubris. He will forgive our cruel and destructive ways.

But She won’t. The Feminine Deity will make us pay. She has been disregarded for so long that none of us really Understands Her, but we will when she sets out to rid her garden of the nasty human weed.

Trump Was Right This Time

O’Reilly/Trump Interview

A Question For Liberals, The Left and Progressives

We all know our country is not innocent, but we hate Trump so it does not matter what he said, even if it was right. All that matters is that he said it and we are supposed to hate him. Now I ask you; Whose Kool Aid are you drinking? Do you even know?

In a preview of the interview, which aired at 4 p.m. Sunday right before the Super Bowl, O’Reilly asks Trump if he respects Putin, and Trump gives a surprising answer:

O’Reilly: “Do you respect Putin?”

Trump: “I do respect him.

O’Reilly: “Do you? Why?”

Trump: “I respect a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get along with them. He’s a leader of his country. I say it’s better to get along with Russian than not. And if Russia helps us in the fight against ISIS…and Islamic terrorism all over the world…major fight. That’s a good thing. Will I get along with him? I have no idea.

O’Reilly: “He’s a killer, though…Putin’s a killer.”

Trump: “We got a lot of killers. What, you think our country’s so innocent?”

Two Things

#1 – What is wrong with Cooperating with Russia? So what if Putin is an asshole? How many cruel dictators has our government installed over the years? Maybe the Left is upset because we did not install Putin; he is his own man. Insulting Putin will not be a step toward World Peace. When I heard Trump say that, I thought, “That sounds reasonable, for once.”

#2 – O’Reilly: “He’s a killer, though…Putin’s a killer.”

Trump: “We got a lot of killers. What, you think our country’s so innocent?”

That was awesome truth telling. Hillary would never say that in public. I was impressed. Even a Knucklehead has intelligence. Haven’t we just recently discussed the million women and children killed in Iraq? You can Google the numbers and the places. Those numbers are true. If America had not tampered in South America, it would be a different world down south of us, but we had to allow our Corporate Controllers to have their way. Everyone knows this, so why the big over-reactive response?

We wrecked Libya, a socialist country with free education, electricity and no interest bank loans; and lots of gold to start their own banking system and launch an African satellite. I betcha Hillary knew all about that.

If Trump has chronic running of the mouth, let’s applaud it. He could be the most transparent president of them all.








Half God Half Man?

In an interview with Ricky Gervais, british comic actor, he says that he thought Jesus was “cool,” and he liked Him a lot because He was “kind” even though he was “half-God.” Which part is unkind and which part is kind? Gervais did not really understand how someone could be half a God and half a man. I found this amusing, because every Atheist says that he does not believe in God, but do they believe in a half-goddess?

Archetypes, Stereotypes and the Collective Unconscious

We can spread the truth of Archetypal Influence with great insights like this one!

The Grove of Quotes

“Most religious stories and mythologies have some sort of similar root, some sort of global archetypes.” Maynard James Keenan

 “Americans want to believe that the average Brit wears a bowler and a school tie and maintains a stiff upper lip and has a certain dry sense of humour; they do not want to be told that a good percentage of the British population are vulgar dimwits who care about nothing but shopping, alcohol, football and Posh Spice’s navel.” Joe Queenan

In Jungian psychology there is the well-known concept of the Collective Unconscious; a “reservoir” of ancestral experience inherited through genes or very ancient memes. In science it’s known that babies’ brains are “hardwired” to recognise faces shapes and voices. There has also been research that suggests they can recognise spider shapes at an early age, presumably because the quicker you can recognise a danger, like a poisonous spider, the better…

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? What on Earth?

Why so many fatties these days? Goddess is returning and she is huge.

Why so many heart operations these days? Our hearts are broken.

Why so many school shootings these days? We believe it is our nature, but in truth, it is our nurture.

Why so many humuns these days? Too many 900 square foot sovereign domains.

Why so few woods? Woods have no humun rights.

Where are the wild places? Gone with the woods.

Why cut the wise old growth? We thought trees were stupid or dead.

Humun Rights. Why? More than our share.

Entitlement. To What? Ascension into heaven.

Who knew the bombs were on the way? Did you? Did you?

Where shall we go en masse?  “We will all go together when we go. All transfused with an incandescent glow. Universal bereavement, an inspiring achievement, yes we all will go together when we go.”-Tom Lehrer

Does population control really work? Only if we ask politely.